Jersey All Stars provides teams for all age groups and Levels!

All Star Elite is a year round program from May-May that offers a one of a kind cheerleading experience. All Star teams are typically formed with 12-35 athletes of equivalent skills and ages. All athletes will have an evaluation and placed accordingly.

If you would like to join one of our teams please e-mail 

or call us at 732-618-4000

 Evaluation Packet 2020-2021

All Star Elite Teams 2019-2020

Team sizes and levels will vary each season depending on the athletes skills and abilities at evaluations. We place all of our teams to be highly competitive in Division I.

Villains: Senior Level 5 Coed PAID SUMMIT BID WINNER

Sirens: Senior Level 4 Coed PAID SUMMIT BID WINNER

Vixens: Senior Level 4.2 AT LARGE SUMMIT BID WINNER

Kryptonite: Junior Level 4

Sinners: Junior Level 3 AT LARGE SUMMIT BID WINNER

White Walkers: Junior Level 2 AT LARGE SUMMIT BID WINNER

Sea Witches: Junior Level 1  AT LARGE SUMMIT BID WINNER

Little Monsters: Full Year Mini Prep Level 1


Competition Schedule

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